• "Stability"
    • In all business, a company's development is based on it's stability and healthiness.
  • "Achievement"
    • Our efforts should be the basis of the foundation for the level of greatness we want to achieve.
  • "Growth"
    • Starting from the smaller triangle on the left, the progression towards the right represents the growth the company.
The triangle intrinsically represents the balance within the organization.
Throughout the growth of the company, balance must be firmly maintained like the 'gon' (ground) of 'chun-ji-gun-gon' which is 'north(heaven)-south(earth)-east(sky)-west(ground)',respectively.
The 'gon' is represented by the color blue, which is inspired from the blue from the Korean National Flag.
  • 'Imagination, Vision, and Dream'
    • All creation begins with imagination.
  • 'Imagination, Vision, and Dream'
    • Innovation is breaking out of the norm and pursuing change.
  • 'Future'
    • Represents the free, unpredictable nature of time.
Imagination is not set within a constraint nor is it born from a slow and dull imagination. In opposition to the symbol of 'gon', this symbol represents 'gun', the sky, to allude to the free dream of the Universe. That is why we chose color red, which symbolizes the sky on the Korean National Flag.
The more vivid the dream, the more beautiful it shall be. To achieve harmony, a dream must not be too large where is bigger than the 'gon' in which case it may seem hopeless, nor too small where it is smaller than the 'gon' which in case it seems lacking in dream and obsessed with reality.
Orient Shipyard Co's insignia embodies the spirit of the Korean national flag and at the same time represents adapting to constantly changing modern civilization with a pioneer attitude.